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Mount Albion Falls (Lovers Leap)


Located on Old Mud Street on the Hamilton Mountain. The road will start to go downhill and bend a lot. You will then see it at the end of the bend or at the bottom of the hill. It will be on your right-hand side. There is a metal staircase at the enterance of the falls. 
The story about this site is that it has been the talk of many mysterious deaths over the past 100 years or so. The many different types of deaths ranges from accidental falls, suicides, mishaps and dump site of murder victims. They even say that the soldiers from the Battle of 1812 even came here during the war. But this site is most popular due to the various body parts found here from the infamous Evelyn Dick murder trial of her husband John Dick, in which she killed and cut him up and placed his body parts throughout all of the City of Hamilton.

Why is it haunted?
It is said that a woman had her heart broken by her lover and couldn't take it anymore, so one night she came here and jumped off the highest point of he falls and killed herself. This how this place came to have the nickname "Lovers Leap." It has also been said that on some nights you can hear her crying from the gorge of the falls.

Summer 2003





In the pictures above, you can notice all the ORBS appearing in the shots from various spots throughout the falls. It seems that we got better results at the bottom of the falls where there seems to be some water present.


In the picture above you can see all of the Ecto-mist forming at the top right-hand side of the photo.